La technologie portable pour l’intimité : comment le futur transforme notre vie sexuelle

Dans notre société en constante évolution, la technologie ne cesse de repousser les limites de ce qui est possible. De nos jours, cette innovation se fait sentir même dans nos chambres à coucher, grâce à l’émergence de la technologie portable pour l’intimité. Des dispositifs tels que les vêtements intelligents, les jouets sexuels connectés et les applications de réalité virtuelle offrent de nouvelles façons passionnantes d’explorer et de vivre notre sexualité. Dans cet article, nous allons explorer comment l’avenir est en train de changer nos vies sexuelles et comment la technologie portable joue un rôle majeur dans cette évolution.

Les vêtements intelligents pour l’intimité : une nouvelle expérience sensorielle

Imaginez des sous-vêtements dotés de capteurs qui réagissent aux stimuli sensoriels de votre partenaire. Ces vêtements intelligents peuvent intensifier les sensations et la connexion émotionnelle, en synchronisant les vibrations et les mouvements avec ceux de votre partenaire. Cette nouvelle forme d’interaction sensorielle offre une expérience plus immersive et intime, renforçant les liens entre les partenaires.

Les jouets sexuels connectés : une intimité à distance

Dans un monde où les relations à distance sont de plus en plus courantes, les jouets sexuels connectés offrent une solution pour maintenir l’intimité malgré la distance physique. Ces dispositifs permettent aux partenaires d’interagir à distance en contrôlant les vibrations et les mouvements des jouets via une application mobile. Cela permet de créer une expérience partagée et d’explorer de nouveaux horizons, même lorsque la distance sépare les amants.

La réalité virtuelle : une immersion totale

La réalité virtuelle (RV) est une technologie en pleine expansion qui promet de révolutionner notre vie quotidienne, y compris notre vie sexuelle. En combinant la RV avec des dispositifs de stimulation physique, il devient possible d’expérimenter des rencontres sexuelles virtuelles réalistes. Les utilisateurs peuvent se plonger dans des environnements virtuels et interagir avec des partenaires virtuels, créant ainsi des expériences sensorielles uniques et inédites.

L’importance de la santé sexuelle

L’intégration de la technologie portable dans notre vie sexuelle soulève également des questions importantes en matière de santé sexuelle. Il est essentiel de veiller à ce que ces technologies soient utilisées de manière sûre et consensuelle. Par exemple, si vous rencontrez des problèmes d’impuissance, il est important de consulter un professionnel de la santé pour obtenir des conseils et des solutions appropriées. Des médicaments tels que le Vardenafil peuvent aider à traiter les problèmes d’érection, améliorant ainsi l’intimité avec votre partenaire. Vous pouvez trouver ces médicaments sur des sites de confiance tels que

Les perspectives pour le futur

Alors que la technologie portable pour l’intimité continue d’évoluer, les possibilités semblent infinies. Des avancées telles que l’intelligence artificielle et l’apprentissage automatique pourraient permettre des interactions encore plus personnalisées et adaptées à nos besoins individuels. Cependant, il est important de se rappeler que ces technologies ne remplaceront jamais l’importance des relations humaines authentiques et de la communication.

En conclusion, la technologie portable pour l’intimité a le pouvoir de transformer nos vies sexuelles, en offrant de nouvelles expériences sensorielles, une intimité à distance et des aventures virtuelles passionnantes. Cependant, il est crucial d’aborder ces technologies avec responsabilité et de veiller à ce qu’elles soient utilisées de manière consensuelle et sûre. Alors que nous embrassons les possibilités offertes par cette révolution technologique, rappelons-nous toujours l’importance de l’amour, de la communication et du respect mutuel dans nos relations intimes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts

In these late 2010s, a whole new shirt format is the fashion with the form of individual that wants strangers to stare at their torso. This new variety uses identifiers scrubbed from our Facebook data, like “born in January” or “nursing assistant” or “loves java” as a way to sell us auto-generated merchandise relevant to us as a possible individual. This on its own almost seems tame, since the application of our data by advertisers has been normalized by our powerlessness to avoid it. But what these targeted shirts do with mundane personal information is thoroughly disarming. Either through algorithmic creep or genuine customer interest, targeted clothes have morphed into statements of antisociality that treat being born on the certain day, working in a certain job, or developing a tattooed daughter as valid factors behind creating a violent siege mentality.

Global Custom T-Shirt Printing Market Analysis Report

Custom t-shirts play an important role in any kind of business and therefore are a trendy item for marketing your organization. It is reliable advice that they are effective in marketing. This is true especially the are Personalised clothing available designed much like your specification. There can be countless approaches to spend your dollars on marketing but custom t shirts give you a great advantage in relation to marketing your individual business and may yield many positive benefits.

A big event announcement is occurring and you really are partying a special moment in your life like a newborn baby, an engagement, and wedding sharing Couple T-shirts make those moments far more extraordinary. There are lots of Couple T-shirts for each and every unique event, get the ideal outfit match to suit your needs and your mate! Don’t miss the opportunity to show your ex for your partner by wearing a couple of matching clothes and through his/her hobby! Your other half will certainly enjoy this simple yet moving manifestation of yours. Every little thing adds! Take time to understand your partner’s career by wearing a similar Couple T-shirt design in one of your respective adventures. This is this kind of great way of secure the relationship, plus a pleasant way to permit the planet are aware that you may be strong both in love and career!

Some bespoke-focused brands offer virtual ordering, but a majority of require in-person fit appointments which, for most, may not be an alternative until restrictions are lifted. But that doesn’t mean you need to write custom off—instead, add it to your growing “to do” list when we reach that new normal. Here, a few custom pieces that could transform your post-pandemic wardrobe. The Polo, Perfected


Cheap cotton polo shirts shrink, fade and look utterly drab soon after cycles inside the wash. That’s why Dag Granath, co-founder of Stockholm-based Saman Amel, offers a custom polo in a smooth, durable mercerized cotton. “It is our single most sought-after style for summer knitwear the other that people experienced for countless years,” said Mr. Granath. Lightweight yet refined, it really works for both a day in a casual workplace and socially distant afternoons for the beach.

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Fewsimple points to buy the NYSEARCA SPYStock right now

If you plan to make a stable and successful investment, recklessly buying stocks is a major no. You have to be cautious when you go, as an investment is not just a matter of few pennies. As there are some helpful metrics, that you must take into account so that you can find the best stocks like NYSEARCA SPY at to buy at the moment:

  1. Think of the major industrial tycoons. Do you know what distinguishes a good man from an individual who failed? That’s how they think. Good business people do it all with prudence. They’re not going until they know this is a sure-win one.If you want to find the best shares to buy right now, make sure you first make a careful study. Better perform a feasibility study that helps you decide which Stock will be the best for you and which will do a good business among various established companies in your field to invest in.
  1. Understand the core investment principles. This does not mean that you have to return to your studies and take up management, economics, or similar courses. This means that you ought to understand the underlying concepts of accounting and the stock market as a whole. There are countless valuable tools to help you if you are genuinely willing to learn certain things and make a good investment.
  2. Asking someone who knows better than you for advice is never a bad idea. If you are new to the world of stock sales and savings, this applies to you. Forget about overconfidence and admit that you need expert guidance to find the best stocks to buy right now. Ask for advice from those you meet who can be seen as investing veterans. Better ask an experienced stockbroker for help. You would, therefore, be a step closer to a profitable investment.
  3. Invest in a company you know about. Although this doesn’t have to be done, it does help a lot. If you are a restaurant manager or culinary art student, it would be better for you to purchase stocks and invest in a food business. This will make it easier for you to assess the likelihood of success in the future. And who knows? And who knows? You could also help it to succeed.

The above four suggestions are not the only stuff you can find right now to buy the best stocks. However, they are one of the most important metrics you must learn and understand. Hasty investments, again, are never a positive thing. Before you buy stocks, make sure you know what you are into and understand the basic investment metrics.

Some newcomers to the stock exchange system have a misconception that following a collection of established strategies would enable them to select the best shares. You can check more at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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Step-by-step Notes on oppo a5s In Detail by detail Order

With so many models of Nokia handsets to select from – and compare with other manufacturers – you might assume choosing the right one may very well be difficult. But it surely doesn’t need to be. Simply concentrate on the issues that you simply really need and need in your mobile phone, and you’ll shortly discover proper model presents itself.

The youthful the kid the better the danger.

The HTC contract offers are alleged to be the perfect of the deals which might be presently coming. Cell Telephones has been proving with oppo a5s the very best of the technology. All Networks are offering awesome deals with the mobile phone.

A cell phone is understood by numerous names like hand cellphone, mobile phone, cellular telephone or just cellular. Presently, you’ll be able to hardly find anyone who does not know anything about cell phone. Actually it’s identified to be an electronic system that enables two ways communication all across the globe with the assistance of base station that receives and transmit radio waves.

It is easy to search out the proper mannequin for you.

The LG GD880 Mini happens be a brand new mobile phone around the market that has quite a few outstanding capabilities. It is in a beautiful aluminum casing and is little sufficient to slot in the palm of 1’s hand. It can be difficult to consider that so much energy is perhaps included into one thing this dimension.

The silver screen is not only physically massive, it additionally has an extremely-high resolution: 480 x 800 pixels. Solely a handful or other phones can equalize this decision. To place it into context, the Contact HD has 2.5 times as many pixels as the iPhone 3G S! It’s this extremely-high resolution that provides the HD its name. These days, in terms of touchscreen telephones, large is better! The massive expanse of silver display screen real estate implies that it is possible for you to to see extra choices, more practical buttons, more menus on display screen at one time, and the entire system will get a lot simpler to make use of.


HTC Magic helps the networks of WCDMA, GSM, GPRS and EDGE together with frequency bands of 900, 2100, 1900 and 1800. It is easy to find the appropriate mannequin for you. Symbian could have just been catching up, however Nokia has determined to switch its foremost focus to Windows Phone 7, and has launched its debut excessive-finish Mango smartphone: the Nokia Lumia 800.

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Fun Ways to Work with Homework at Home

Students have complained about homework. They do not like it due to rob their time to enjoy leisure activity at home. On the other hand, the parents also give their concerns about the assignment. They see their kids look like old people who are always in a distress situation. Both have their reasons why they do not like homework. Even though, it is for the sake of education and learning. Today, people see his one as the burden that limits creativity. Instead of the usual homework, teachers and parents should look for a new perspective regarding the learning approach. It is not a simple task especially when the situation does not support the change. However, you cannot apply the same method due to the world is in rapid change. Something was good decades ago might not be relevant today. Of course, you will not use it again decades later. Homework should more flexible to adapt to the needs of students and education. Some fun ways are available to make the situation more interesting and enjoyable. It starts with know more about parents homework and fun way out.

Several Ideas to Enjoy Homework

The term homework is often familiar in school, college, and education. It represents the task that students must do not in school. The purpose is they will continue learning and homework is proof that they do such activity. To make more valuable, teachers add marks or points that contribute to their grades. It is effective as motivation. As you know, let children learn for themselves is something you will not find easily. On the other hand, educators and teachers must find a way to force them. It sounds harsh but that’s the truth. Homework becomes mandatory that must be done. The kids have reasons to learn though not based on their willingness. Unfortunately, most educators and parents do not realize that kids today are different. Decades ago, the world was hard and uncertain. To survive, the skill was an inevitable thing to obtain. That’s the main reason why you see most parents try to imitate their education in their children. If they can win and succeed with such a method, the kids will do the same. It is not a bad thing, but they forget one thing. The parents and their kids live in different times and eras. In digital ear with the internet, kids see the old homework stuff is no longer relevant. This situation must be dealt with properly and carefully.

Lido Learning

The challenge is you cannot let the kids do what they want. Without guidance, they will go ashtray and stumble in the wrong path. The internet provides everything but not enough. It is like you various and tons of ingredients but do not have a recipe to cook. The situation becomes worse when the parents do not realize sooner, and the kids are already in the wrong way. Homework should start a new perspective. The first step is to find interesting and fun ways to work with this one at home. Several options are available such as using real-life examples, adding challenging tasks, and implementing unusual approaches. The kids will have a high interest when parents try new things. Instead of letting them solve on their own, parents can invite the kids into the real example. In the kitchen, they will cook and measure the ingredients. It is the best moment to integrate with math, science, and language. The parents give tasks such as measuring certain things and calculating the number of ingredients. This simple practice may extend with more examples.

As it mentioned above, it is no easy task. Most parents do not have enough time to prepare the lesson plan. Moreover, they have no idea about the topic or subject that their kids learn. Math subjects are always similar since ancient times, but the modern curriculum receives an update. That’s why most parents have an issue when teaching directly. In this situation, they must find a new way such as online learning. This is the real deal in the digital ear. You must utilize tools, supports, and media that are available. The Internet has been the major factor that changes education significantly. Kids know more about accessing the website, social media, live streaming, smartphone, and gaming. They can find anything even the content and learning material. Of course, the situation has pros and cons. With vast reference, the kids tend to look for something they only like. On the contrary, the parents do not have the skill and knowledge to operate and access this media. They win in terms of experience but useless when providing the solution related to the latest condition. Third-party service is the only choice you must rely on. Online learning has resources, experts, access, platform, and many things to ensure the kids can do the homework properly. If you want t the best online course and learning service, the answer is Lido Learning.

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Tecno Mobile

This means a detailed estimate will put the TECNO smartphones in circulation at hundreds of hundreds of thousands. Launched in 2016, HiOS is a customised model of the Android cellular operating system,it’s more just like the skin that wraps the Android OS on TECNO telephones. The Tecno mobile prices in Pakistan increase with the upgrading and addition of recent features within the mobiles.

Tecno Mobile’s made inroads in India following its earlier success in Africa. In April 2016, Tecno’s telephones officially hit the shelves in India.

We chose Ethiopia as a result of it is unique, taking a look at it from a strategic viewpoint. We eventually plan to move our whole manufacturing to Africa since that is the one market we serve. We will begin with establishing manufacturing crops in Kenya and Nigeria. This will depend extremely on lots of components like the customs construction and government help we receive.

Tecno Mobile has recognized other emerging markets, besides Africa, where the inhabitants is giant and buying energy low. It entered the Bangladesh and Nepal markets in 2017 and has started trial sales in Pakistan. It remains to be making an attempt to penetrate the Pakistani Market and has started its sales on-line by way of numerous E-commerce channels together with its own website. In August 2017, Tecno Mobile launched the Spark collection with two devices Tecno Spark K7 and the Tecno Spark K9.

The Tecno Spark Power 2 is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM. Sensors on the phone include Fingerprint sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor. We are proud to say that some of the Tecno telephones are already ‘made in Africa’. We started a plant in Addis Ababa two year in the past and it is doing properly up to now.

TECNO Phantom 9 is the latest smartphone from TECNO and it’s going to be launched in Africa in July 2019. For the primary time, TECNO Phantom 9 goes to function an AMOLED Display, an under-the-show fingerprint scanner, and new design.

All footage are grouped by color, size and keywords, and in addition you’ll be able to type all screensavers for bb-cell Techno by reputation or date of their including to our collection. Welcome to Ethiopia’s tecno Mobile Phones providers, one of the best place to search out tecno Mobile Phones in Ethiopia. Click a business title for a description and get in touch with info for each enterprise listed. Largely due to its value level, TECNO has grown to turn out to be one of many main manufacturers in Africa.

The continent receives a lot of imports but the merchandise usually are not at all times modelled to suit demand here. We guarantee our merchandise meet the local demand as a result of they are solely produced for the African market. We are current in 12 nations in East, West and Central Africa where we presently control a median of 20% market share in each of the countries. This 12 months we’re going to discover the Southern and Northern Africa markets starting with South Africa and Egypt.

Phantom 9 has helio P35 2.three GHz octa-core processor which comes with a 6GB RAM and ensures 128GB storage. Apart from the in-show fingerprint safety, the phone additionally has AI face unlock feature with connectivity of 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G FDD_LTE and Bluetooth The Tecno Phantom 9 handset is available in Lapland Aurora color and runs HiOS 5 based mostly on Android (Pie). For downloading any bb-cell Techno wallpaper completely free – click on the hyperlink below, select the one you want and just obtain the image. You can upload pictures to our web site and make your own wallpapers.

We are also going to strengthen relations with expertise giants both in manufacturing and service provision to make sure quality in merchandise and customer expertise. China-based mostly cell phone producer, Tecno Telecom Limited, exclusively does business in Africa. Last 12 months, the corporate released the primary ‘made in Ethiopia’ smartphone. Tecno vice president, Arif Chowdhury was in Nairobi recently and informed How we made it in Africa’s Dinfin Mulupi in regards to the agency’s expansion technique and its plans to maneuver all of its manufacturing to Africa.

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How To Make Video Calls On Bb

If you’re a picture lover or you prefer to record movies lots, Tecno cell phone can do it for you due to its excellent camera quality. All Tecno phones and their prices are available on the Jumia Uganda web site.

Tecno Mobile is a cell phone model that’s owned by Hong Kong-based Transsion Holdings, which in 2017 launched another cellular brand in India – Itel. The cellphone comes with a 7.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1640 pixels at a PPI of 480 pixels per inch. Chinese smartphone maker Transsion Holdings’ premier model TECNO Mobile has launched a new smartphone, Spark Power, which comes with 6,000mAh battery. It began as Tecno Telecom Limited but later its name was changed to Transsion Holdings, to which Tecno Mobile is a subordinate now. Following the market research, it focused the African market and was quickly one of many prime three cell brands in Africa.

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Tecno Official Website

I discovered an interesting video on Twitter from TECNO Kenya that reveals how to turn these ads off. Sample free video games from Instant AppsBut Instant Apps contains more than simply games.

Skype is the oldest application in the world of video conferencing, however not the most widely used, acquired by Microsoft in 2011, currently it has help for most platforms, including the operating system. Android 5.1 from BB-mobile out of your BB-Mobile Techno X595BT. Tech large Techno has unveiled its latest smartphone in India named Tecno Spark Power 2 which is a successor to the Tecno Spark Power launched in November final year.

Mobile Techno is situated in Phulwari, Patna, Bihar which provides you the most effective service. Get complete handle and phone numbers for quick entry and response. Give your useful ranking to Mobile Techno Patna and make us serve you better. The Tecno Spark Go Plus offers support for a fingerprint scanner, and face unlock too. Tecno Mobile is a Chinese cell phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong.

All photos are grouped by colour, dimension and keywords, and in addition you possibly can kind all screensavers for bb-mobile Techno by recognition or date of their adding to our assortment. Welcome to Ethiopia’s tecno Mobile Phones suppliers, the best place to find tecno Mobile Phones in Ethiopia. Click a business title for a description and make contact with info for every business listed. Largely due to its price point, TECNO has grown to become one of many main manufacturers in Africa.

At Cashify, you’ll be able to promote your old or used cell phone online with instant cash. We guarantee your to get greatest price of your cell phone available in the market. Promising a a hundred-day replacement and one-time display screen substitute, the phone additionally offers one year warranty. The company has provided to open 986 service centers throughout the country in more than seven hundred cities, involving over 3400 distributors and over 1 lakh retailers. The telephone comes with AI face recognition expertise and likewise incorporates an “anti-oil” fingerprint sensor designed to offer trouble free access to the gadget.

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Tecno Mobile’s made inroads in India following its earlier success in Africa. In April 2016, Tecno’s telephones formally hit the cabinets in India.

As far as the cameras are concerned, the Tecno Spark Power 2 packs a 16-megapixel (f/1.eighty five) main digital camera on the rear and a 16-megapixel front shooter for selfies. After visiting the Cashify website or app, select the product class you wish to promote. Suppose you need to sell your cell phone – click on on the mobile section, select the model, choose the variant and reply a few questions in regards to the state of the system. After that, Cashify will generate its quote and should you like the worth, we’ll deliver the money to your home and gather your old device.

TECNO Phantom 9 is the most recent smartphone from TECNO and it’s going to be launched in Africa in July 2019. For the primary time, TECNO Phantom 9 is going to feature an AMOLED Display, an beneath-the-show fingerprint scanner, and new design.

We are assured that the market continues to be big, and it is going to be so for the next couple of years. The company started in 2006 in Hong Kong with our first analysis and improvement centre in Shanghai, China. For two years, our business focused on the South Asia market. After learning the markets in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, we found out that Africa can be the most lucrative market for us. We started operations right here in 2008 earlier than finally stopping our business in Asia to exclusively concentrate on Africa.

Mobile Techno is positioned in Phulwari, Patna, Bihar which offers you the most effective service. Get complete tackle and phone numbers for quick entry and response. Give your useful ranking to Mobile Techno Patna and make us serve you better. The Tecno Spark Go Plus offers help for a fingerprint scanner, and face unlock too. Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone producer primarily based in Hong Kong.

For the following 5 to 10 years, we count on Africa to remain the fastest rising market on the earth. For the countries which are past 100% penetration, there’s still a market for telephone replacement. Most countries are, however, nonetheless behind in terms of penetration and we due to this fact count on new subscribers there.

Our analysis from years back reveals that the patrons of Tecno telephones are principally the youth and we’ve decided to [focus] on this market of individuals aged 17 to 35. Order Tecno mobile by way of Jumia UG which provides numerous types of Tecno telephones on-line.

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Techno Vector Group

Once the video name has began, you can add more customers by pressing the + button situated in the upper right of the display screen of the BB-Mobile Techno X595BT, search for the user and add them to the dialog. To do this out of your BB-cellular BB-Mobile Techno X595BT click on the chat icon situated within the higher proper of the display screen and open a conversation with the particular person you wish to talk to. On an BB-cell BB-Mobile Techno X595BT you may make video calls comfortably because of its screen of 5 and backbone of .

You can discover the cellular accessories that you just want corresponding to batteries, chargers and adapters at Jumia UG. There are so many good phones out there; it’s hard to resolve which one to buy. In order to facilitate the consumers in selecting a cellphone, this web page helps you examine Tecno mobiles with different cell fashions and types with respect to their specifications, show sizes, colours, prices in Pakistan, and evaluations. Pictures of all mobiles are displayed and all specs are also mentioned within the description.

With the number of suits at there, it may take you time to decide on the best one for you. However, for people who are swimsuit lovers, they don’t need to do a lot of searching earlier than locating the perfect go well with. What you don’t love in a swimsuit may be what one other particular person would die for. The preference of suits is the explanation why we see so many suits make it to occasions. Get a fitted swimsuit and stare on the mirror and inform us who is staring again at you.

We selected Ethiopia as a result of it is unique, looking at it from a strategic point of view. We finally plan to maneuver our complete manufacturing to Africa since this is the one market we serve. We will begin with establishing manufacturing plants in Kenya and Nigeria. This will depend highly on lots of factors like the customs structure and authorities assist we obtain.

Techno Infonet takes great accountability for ease of reach for each customer. The repeat business from present shoppers mixed with ninety two% customer retention ratio and 100% client satisfaction converse volumes of our accomplishments towards buyer focus. Your cell phone is such an essential part of your daily life, and we’ve made finding the proper one for your budget straightforward. With a wide variety of good telephones, feature phones, fablets telephones and primary name solely phones out there in Tanzania, discover the phone that matches your wants and finances on ZoomTanzania.

The very much well-liked Pop 2 Pro is selling the concept of bigger view of the broader world; the 5.5 full view contact display screen show offers you an exciting expertise with all its different specifications the POP2 Pro is bound to make eyes pop. Just open Duo on your iphone BB-Mobile Techno X595BT will ask you for access to the contacts of the BB-cellular and permissions to entry the camera and microphone, click “allow” to make video calls. It could ask for entry to the placement, your BB-cellular BB-Mobile Techno X595BT has GPS though it’s not essential to grant this entry to make the video call, you can click on on “Deny”. It will ask you to enter your telephone number, it’s essential to be able to contact different customers and make the video call, you will obtain an SMS with a affirmation code that you have to enter in Google Duo to be able to proceed.

At Cashify, you can promote your old or used cell phone on-line with immediate cash. We assure your to get greatest value of your mobile phone available in the market. Promising a a hundred-day substitute and one-time display screen replacement, the cellphone also presents one year guarantee. The firm has offered to open 986 service facilities throughout the nation in additional than 700 cities, involving over 3400 distributors and over 1 lakh retailers. The phone comes with AI face recognition technology and also incorporates an “anti-oil” fingerprint sensor designed to provide problem free access to the device.

The official assertion from the company’s twitter account states that this smartphone might be launched on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 12 noon. In a first-ever, Techno, a sub-model of Hong Kong-primarily based Transsion Holdings group, has launched their flagship smartphone Phantom 9 which contains a fingerprint sensor and triple rear cameras all under Rs 15,000. For higher low-gentle photography, the cameras characteristic Night algorithm 2.0, quad rear Flash and support for Google Lens. Priced at a mere Rs 14, 999, the smartphone shall be obtainable on Flipkart from July 17.

Video critiques and person feedback is also obtainable for varied techno phones. You can find all information about the Tecno cellphones on this page. Price list of all Tecno mobile phones in India with specs and features from different online stores at 91mobiles. Read user critiques and compare Tecno smartphone value before shopping for.

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